Friday, November 20, 2015

Dr. Hiji's Secret Garden

It's Charlton Time Again With
Issue #38 Of 'The Many Ghosts
Of Dr Graves" And Three More
Classic Tales Of Suspense And
Horror From 1973!


  1. Charlton horror tales were always the best, you never knew what was waiting for you between the comic book covers. The first story Dr. Hiji's Secret Garden was well drawn, though the Japanese characters were drawn somewhat in a stereotype manner, but at least it wasn't over the top insulting stereotyping.

    Now that i am older i can appreciate the artwork, the details I missed as a kid, and the writing that made Charlton stand out from DC or Marvel comics.

  2. The Ditko story was excellent with some interesting metaphysical Dr. Strange-like panels. I appreciate these stories more now because It seems like the creators at Charlton were a lot freer to experiment and they were just fun books!