Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Nice Place To Die

It's 'Ghostly Haunts' Time Again
This Time From Issue #39
With Three Tales Of Terror
Hosted By Winnie The Witch.
Art By Steve Ditko, 
Mike Vosburg And Rudy Palais!


  1. Three great stories, the first one would have made a neat Twilight Zone/Night Gallery tale, the last one was good though we never learn what her destiny is to be. It is a shame Charlton did this with a few of their stories, leaving loose threads for a sequel story but never following up on it. Thanks for the posts as always.

  2. MIke Vosberg did some nice work for Charlton I really enjoyed the art and story by Joe Gill, on the first story.

    I loved Night Gallery! Watched it when I was a kid and now they show the reruns on a retro channel we get down here. Still great!

    These Charlton stories are great too! Always entertaining!