Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Until We Meet Again

It's Time Again For More
'Haunted Love' From Charlton
Comics With Great Stories By
Tom Sutton, Steve Ditko And
Joe Staton From Issue #5!


  1. Three very good stories from Charlton. The Waaller Hippman story could be turned into a comedy- Ol' Scratch is sued by Hippman and the tale winds its way through the local, state, federal courts, The Supreme Court, The Hague and eventually to the heavenly court to decide the issue, all the while the fallen angel uses every trick in the book to defeat Hippman's claim, even by hiring all of the defense attorneys on earth! There's a lot of material between the covers of Charlton comics waiting to be rewritten into horror or comedy.

  2. You've got and interesting take on the text story. Good stuff. A lot of these text pieces in the comic books were never read because they had 'No Pictures' but some are quite interesting and could make cool,comic books stories to be illustrated with a little more fleshing out....