Friday, November 13, 2015

Captain Wizard And The Impossible Man

Here Are Some More Interesting 
Semi-Obscure Golden Age 
Superheroes: Captain Wizard 
And The Impossible Man 
From Meteor  Comics Published
 By Rural Home in 1945 With
A Nice Cover By Gil Kane!


  1. I think Disney revisited the idea of a world of nothing but superheroes, except for one guy who all the heroes ended up saving. Eventually the normal guy turned supervillian or something like that because he was tired of being rescued all of the time.
    Then there was the cartoon show 'The Tick' with its excess of superheroes trying to protect their city, with The Tick and Arthur ending up saving the day.

  2. Not familiar with that Disney movie. Was it an animated movie like 'The Incredibles'?

  3. I think it was an episode of Darkwing Duck where everyone except one guy was superpowered.

    1. Very cool I will have to check that out.