Friday, June 10, 2016

Abide With Me

It's Time To Visit The
Ghost Manor Again For 4
Chilling Tales Of Terror
From Charlton Comics!
Art By S. Gumen, 
Mike Vosburg, Don Newton
 And A Classic By Tom Sutton.



  1. Those tales were fun. I actually liked that the first tale had a happy ending to it--the second tale made me wish there were more stories with Calibah Quint--he seemed like a cool character and the tale ended a bit too abruptly for me--although the fate of Jenny's parents was obvious from the very beginning.
    The third tale was rather silly if you ask me. I'm sorry, but a child murderer being pursued by a dead kid's teddy bear absolutely deserves what came to him--also he looked a lot like a lady. The killer, not Teddy.

  2. While a teddy bear as an avenging spirit may sound silly, in the end it turned into a fuzzy version of the Zuni Fetish Doll from 'Trilogy of Terror'

    I liked all these stories, and I second the regret that Calibah Quint was shown only the one time. He could have turned into a sidekick for Dr. Graves since they both seem to have the ability to control demons and the like.

  3. It wasn't a very scary looking teddy bear either, while horror tales with dolls certainly work--the teddy bear here is rather sad looking--he only gets scary looking in the last panel. I laughed when Teddy stepped on the gas!

  4. All the stories were cool but I remember this old killer Teddy bear story with fondness. Tom Sutton had a rather macabre sense of humor.

    The Trilogy Of Terror segment with Karen Black and the Voodoo Doll was amazing! One of the most memorable TV movies ever.

    And thank for enjoying the stories!