Sunday, June 19, 2016


We Got More Giant Monsters
Here From Dell Comics With
Issue #8 Of Kona, Monarch
 Of Monster Isle. Art By 
The Great Sam Glanzman.



  1. Never saw this before, the tale is wild high adventure, sort of like John Carter of Mars or Doc Savage tales.

    Wild and over the top adventure, just the thing to hook the kids back then.

  2. In 1962 Dell comics had just lost all the rights to the Western publishing books (the Disney, Hanna-Barabera & Warner Brothers Titles) so Kona was one of their new creations.

  3. Four Color #1256 (Kona #1) was possibly the first comic that I bought as a young boy. It remains one of my top 5 favorite comics of all times. The art in the early Kona issues especially was nothing less than spectacular. I have always loved dinosaurs and so this series really appealed to me. It is too bad that they cannot do a revival of the Kona series.