Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Monsters Have Surrounded The House

Here's More Classic Horror
From Charlton With Issue #11
Of Monster Hunters From 1975.
Art By Charles Nicholas, Vince
Alascia And A. Elias. 


  1. The first story has a really neat twist to it--so does the second one, but unfortunately it's missing the fourth page of the story.

  2. The last story is unintentionally hilarious--especially how the couple seem more freaked out by the giant bugs than the washed up giant on the beach. Also, they have the same last name as me.

    1. I just put page 4 back in the second story...sorry about that.

      Sometimes the horror books are hit or miss with the stories but Charlton was generally pretty good.

  3. Thanks, I figured the fourth page told the history behind the frame.