Sunday, June 12, 2016

Coils Of The Monster Snake

From Avon Comics Here's
White Princess Of The
Jungle #5 With Art By
Gene Fawcette, Vince Alascia,
Gerald McCann And 
Everett Raymond Kinstler



  1. Thanks for this, I'd never seen Alascia inking over Fawcette. I find Gerald McCann an interesting artist. I like the individual panels but somehow the entirety doesn't quite work for me.

  2. Gerald McCann did lots of Classics Illustrated books.
    I agree with your assessment of his work.

    Alascia was a decent inker in his day. I guess now he is best known for inking Charles Nicholas' pencils on countless Charlton comics tales.

  3. Working for Classic Illustrated, with their stiff requirements regarding authenticity and layouts, surely didn't help. Nearly every panel is shown mid range; very few close ups or panoramic shots. Very staid and predictable layouts.