Friday, May 12, 2017

Masked Ranger

Here's A Bonus Post For 
Today A Couple Of Western 
Tales From Issue #9 Of Masked
Ranger With Some Nice Art By
Angelo Torres, Nick Meglin,
George Woodbridge And Possibly
Some Frazetta Inks As Well.
Published By Premier In 1953. 



  1. Interesting! I know Meglin as the art director for MAD but I've never seen any comic work by him. On the other hand George Woodbridge is a real favorite of mine. His work for Atlas is top notch.

  2. George Woodbridge was another one of the most underrated artists in comic book history. He did great work for Mad magazine...

  3. Apparently Roy Krenkel and Frazetta had some artistic involvement in the "Hostages Of The Blackfeet" tale.