Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Burning

Back To The House Of
Mystery For Another
Classic Tale "The Burning"
With Art By Mike Sekowsky
And Tom Palmer 
From Issue #206


  1. Nice! I'd forgotten that Tom Palmer did a small amount of work for DC.

  2. Nice story. Adam got his comeuppance in the end. The scarecrow from The Wizard of OZ wanted a brain, too bad Meg forgot to give one to Adam, or at least cast a spell so he could appreciate how good he had it.

  3. Yeah this was a cool story. Scarecrows are always creepy. There was an old TV movie called Dark Night Of The Scarecrow or something like that. Interesting movie.

  4. It was cool to see Palmer inking Sekowsky. I miss the old art collaborations on the Silver age books!

  5. This feels sort of like a reversed version of "Feathertop" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The difference here being that the Scarecrow wants to go out into society but the witch knowing what he truly is, won't let him as opposed to the other tale in which the witch wants him to go out into society, but once he realizes what he truly is, he refuses to continue with this ruse.