Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cartoonist Make Better Lovers : Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson… who the heck was Harry Anderson? That was a question that I asked myself recently. I was thumbing through an issue of NEC’s MY TERRIBLE ROMANCE when I spotted an article by Bill Devine where he waxes ecstatic about this Golden Age illustrator. So I did some investigation and found that I concur with his assessment of Anderson’s talents.

Harry was typical of the comics artists of the day, in that he had to be ready to illustrate any number of genres. Crime, horror, superhero, war, Jungle… you name it Anderson drew it. But looking at his Romance stuff leads me to opine that this was his true calling. I am particularly impressed with his knack for drawing facial expressions. You’ll see this exemplified in “Million Dollar Joyride” from a 1950 issue HOLLYWOOD SECRETS.

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