Friday, December 27, 2013

Monsters vs Heroes : Mr. Justice

Mr. Justice was MLJ’s answer to DC’s Spectre. He was the spirit of Prince James who was betrayed and murdered in the political scheme that put Richard on the throne of England. He lay dormant and trapped in the castle of Solway Firth until that bastion was destroyed, thus setting the spirit free. For inexplicable reasons he goes to America where he takes on the mortal identity of James Justice, but he’s always ready to combat evil in his ghostly form of Mr. Justice. Quite often his adversaries were of a supernatural nature.

The character was the creation of writer Joe Blair and artist Sam Cooper. In the early 40’s Blair was to MLJ what Stan Lee was to 60’s Marvel, having a hand in just about every superhero story the company produced.

The first tale is from BLUE RIBBON COMICS #11 in April of 1941. This was the characters third adventure and it’s tough one as he goes head to head with a vampire!

Next is the story from issue 12 where Mr. Justice meets up with other spirits who are less interested in righteousness than Prince James.


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