Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creature Feature Classics: Castle Of Blood

Castle Of Blood, One Of My Favorite 
Barbara Steele Movies, Is Actually 
The Movie That Helped
 Get Me An A On My Midterm 
English Paper Back In High School. 
How Did That Happen?
 Well, I'll Keep That Story 
For The End of This Post.

Starring Barbara Steele And Directed By Antonio Margheritti This Is One Of The Classics Of The Golden Age Of Italian Horror Movies In The 
Early 60's. The Plot Concerns A Writer (George Riviere) Who Travels To An English  Town To Interview Edgar Allen Poe. They Proceed To Discuss The Metaphysical, Then Poe Admits That His Writings Weren't Made Up But Were Based On Real Life Incidents. The Reporter Scoffs At His Statement And Poe's Companion Lord Thomas Blackwood Challenges The Reporter To Spend A Night In His Haunted Castle Where Ghosts Reenact Their Murders On One Night Every Year. The Reporter Accepts The Challenge And As He Ventures Through The Creepy Gothic Castle He Encounters The Beautiful Barbara Steele And Falls In Love With Her. A Love Triangle Ensues Including A Pretty Daring For Its Day Lesbian Tryst And As Promised All The Ghosts Proceed To Revisit Their Deaths.

While Slow Moving At Times The Atmosphere 
And Steele's Performance Carry The Day 
In This One. The DVD From Synapse 
Even has A Deleted European Nude Scene! 
Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, 
Nightmare Castle, The Horrible 
Dr Hichcock, And Castle Of Blood
 Are, In My Opinion, The Best Examples Of 
60's Gothic Euro-Horror. Castle of Blood 
Was Later Retitled Castle Of Terror 
For Late Night TV And This Is The Version 
Which I Viewed In The Early 70's. 

Oh Yeah That Paper I Came Up With Dealt With 
The Idea Of Poe Being A Reporter Of All His 
Stories And Not Just A Writer Of Fiction, 
Same As The Movie. Luckily My Teacher 
Had Never Seen This Movie So 
I Got The Good Grade And 
Not An F For Plagiarism!

And Here's The Trailer!

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