Thursday, September 10, 2015

Miss Fortune

More Classic Charlton Horror
From 'Ghostly Haunts' This Time 
From Issue #42 With Art By 
Wayne Howard, Don Newton, 
S. Gumen And  Even More 
Winnie The Witch!


  1. These were some pretty good tales, Miss Fortune was kind of tongue in cheek, it was written more as an excuse to sneak in jokes rather than provide scares. In the letters section another fan asked to see Winnie in some other outfit other than the one she usually was drawn in, I wonder if Charlton ever relented and had her drawn a swimsuit.

    Thanks again.

  2. These cool Charlton horror books seem to get better with time. I really liked the great Don Newton art on the third story!

    I also looked around to see if I could find a 'Winnie in a Bikini' image but no luck.