Monday, September 7, 2015

The Forbidden Crypt

Here We Have Three Classic 
Stories From Charlton's
'Ghostly Tales' With Art
By Steve Ditko, Don Perlin,
Sanho Kim And Hosted
By The Fantastic 
Winnie The Witch!


  1. All of these were good tales, When Charlton was firing on all cylinders, there was no stopping them. While the artists were paid low scales they were given the freedom to draw as they pleased, and we, the readers, are all the better off for that.

    The specters in 'A - Haunting They Did Go' were impressive, just the right level of scary for a comic. 'The Man Who Had Ghosts' had some impressive haunts on the first page. And of course, Winnie is featured in two stories, in 'The Eternal Treasure' she seems to be drawn more as a teenager than in other incarnations, a nice change of pace.

    In 'A - Haunting They Did Go' I remember the narrator was one of the first horror narrators drawn in Charlton but I can't think of her name.

    Great great great stuff! Thanks!

  2. Yeah the Charlton guys got low pay but did some of their best work and a lot of then got their first professional jobs at Charlton too!

    The Host for "A Haunting They Did Go' was called, I believe, The Old Witch.

    Here's a listing: