Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Stranger

It's Time Again For A Visit
To 'The Many Ghosts Of
Dr. Graves' With Three Stories
From Issue 10. Art By 
Bill Fraccio And Tony Tallarico,
Vince Alascia And Pat Boyette.


  1. Three great stories from Charlton. I never knew that Dr. graves was called M. T. Graves, Charlton was lucky the real M.T. Graves from Florida TV didn't sue. Too bad Charlton didn't Do a cross over featuring both the comic narrator and horror host, that would have been neat.

    The three stories were pretty good, though the first story would have been better had the stranger turn out to be The Mysterious Stranger or Dr. Haunt. The stranger in the story should have been used in more than one story, maybe make him a minor narrator, ah well, what might have been.

    The Letters page was a treat to see what readers were thinking back then, I liked Charlton's reply concerning things that individuals see and how they shouldn't just discard what they see as illusion or figment of their imagination. Nowadays those who see or experience strange happenings have the internet to share their stories, and anonymously if they so wish.

    Thanks for posting this comic.

    1. I used to watch M.T. Graves back in the 60's on Channel 7's "The Dungeon' as a matter of fact here are a couple of clip's of M.T. on youtube.