Monday, September 14, 2015

The Shape

Three More Interesting
Superheroes From Issue #1 Of
Charlton Premiere: The Shape, 
The Tyro Team And Spookman 
With Art By Pat Boyette, 
Grass Green And Bill Montes!


  1. The shape seems like one of those types of superheroes that Steve Ditko would create, wild, fun, obeying his own rules in his own universe/comic book.

    The Spookman had a lot of potential, too bad it never became a favorite.

    1. The Shape was created by Grass Green who was one of the first African American fanzine artists and who later worked in underground comics. I was surprised when I saw this story.

      Pat Boyette the creator of Spookman was an underrated talent. More of his work coming soon on this blog...