Monday, September 21, 2015

Mission From The Grave

With Art By Mike Sekowsky,
John Celardo, George Roussos
Jack Katz And Nick Cardy Here's 
More Classic Pre-Code Horror With "Adventures Into Darkness' #11
Published By Standard Comics
In 1953!


  1. some great fifties stories here, the art is interesting and the stories were well written, The tales are above average for horror comics.

    Thanks for the posts!

  2. There's certainly nice art in this book by Mike Sekowsky, Nick Cardy, George Roussos, John Celardo and Jack Katz some who became the architects of the Sliver Age of Comics. Cardy and Sekowsky drew some of my favorite Silver age comic books and it's great to see their work in the 50's as they were developing their talent and style.

    1. And thank you again for your comments. I always appreciate your enjoyment of the books I am posting.