Thursday, March 17, 2016


From 'Secrets Of The Haunted 
House' Here's Some Sci-Fi
With 'Selina' From Issue #14.
Art By Ramona Fradon 
And Script By Nick Cuti.


  1. This one is both hilarious and tragically sad. I especially laughed at the way the professor died--his last words were the best.

  2. Its a shame what happened to Selina. In another time or another place (or a comics crossover) if Selina had met Dr. Solar from Gold Key Comics they could have had a relationship together,. Maybe Dr. Solar could have figured out a way to make Selina's molecular structure stable, or at least not fragile. Ah, what could have been.....

  3. The writer of Selina, Nick Cuti, wrote tons of stories for Warren and Charlton and this one is one of his best.
    I have always loved Ramona Fradon's art as well especially on those classic old Metamorpho books back in th 60's. She drew the Super Friends books too.

    I almost forgot about Dr. Solar. Those were cool stories. I'll look for some to post.