Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Condemned

It's Time Again For Some
Ghostly Tales From Charlton
Comics With Three Classic Tales
Of Horror And Suspene From
Joe Gill, Warren Sattler, 
Pete Morisi And Steve Ditko.


  1. Some nice yarns from Charlton. From 'Who is Next' it ended in the Charlton fashion, evil arises from the beyond, it menaces some unsuspecting people, then s driven away or the people in the story escape from it, they experience a bad scare but no harm done. Had this been a tale from Warren or Eerie, the body count would have been equal to the number of pages in the story.

    I am not knocking the Charlton way of doing things, their tales usually ended with evil being defeated, the good guys escaping harm, etc. Charlton was sometimes light horror, no gore or excessive violence, the kind of horror you would hear around a campfire at night. Charlton horror were my favorite horror comics growing up and I still enjoy them though sometimes the tales were light on scares but still a fun read.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. The Charlton style, if there ever was one, was different from Warren and some of the other black and white books in that they had to be approved by the comics code whereas the magazines didn't. Charlton still pushed the horror envelope a few times...