Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Ghost In The Wooden Indian Plant

Here's More Strangeness
 From ACG's 'Forbidden Worlds' 
With Art By Paul Reinman,
Ogden Whitney, San Citron
 And Tom Hickey.


  1. I've always liked ACG's supernatural and science fiction comics. I've read all of Out of The Night and have been reading Adventures into the Unknown. I've peaked at some of the issues of Forbidden Worlds , but have not actually read a full issue of them yet. Not until I'm done reading all the AITU ones on comicbookplus anyway.

    Sadly though, not all the issues of either series can be fully uploaded as they aren't all in the public domain. I got excited at your upload today because this issue is not up there.

    The stories are all good in this one, although the second one is a reprint of a tale originally found in issue 76 of AITU under another title. (A trick commonly done for both this series and Unknown Worlds in which previous stories from Adventures Into the Unknown were used with new titles.)

    Anyhow, thanks for the upload.

    1. I will look for more of the later ACG's and post them as soon as I find them. Glad you enjoyed the stories cause they sure are a lot of fun and a lot of cool people worked on them as well!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it. At one point the site had the first 29 of Unknown Worlds--but alas, they were removed because they weren't part of the Public Domain after all. It was a shame because I was hoping for more of them to be uploaded. I never got to read those in their entirety either.