Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Scariest Picture Of Them All

From Issue #21 Of Ghostly
Haunts Here's Winnie The Witch
Hosting A Couple Of Classic
Horror Tales. Great Art By 
Vince Alascia, Charles Nicholas 
And Norman Nodel.


  1. More Charlton greats.

    In 'The Scariest Picture of Them All' we learned the valuable lesson that bad luck and ill fortune always look for a chance to ruin us, unless we have a backup plan in case of an emergency, or in this case an emergency backup generator would have been invaluable in keeping the lights on.

    In 'The Man Who Refused to Die' we learned a few things about Winnie-
    On page seven we see her as a flight attendant, or as it was called back then, airline stewardess (that kind of makes sense she is used to flying, at least on broomsticks.)

    On page one she is called Miss Witcherly, so we now know she has a last name and she is single, unless she has tied the knot by now.

    As always, thanks for the Charlton posts.

  2. http://heromorph.com/heromorph2/modules/myalbum4/photo.php?lid=9428&cid=93

    Winnie drawn as a superheroine of sorts

    1. Winnie Witcherly, now thats a cool name! I love the panels with her as a stewardess/flight attendant!