Monday, April 4, 2016


From 1944  Here's The First
Published Comic Book Art
By The Great Frank Frazetta
'Snowman" From Tally-Ho
 Comics! Frazetta Inked The 
Story And The Pencils 
Were By John Giunta.


  1. How utterly insane!
    Is this supposed to be a funny anthropomorphic comic or an adventure/superhero kind of thing?
    It's like Mickey Mouse versus the Red Skull... if Mickey Mouse was a golem made of snow, I mean.
    Seriously daft, it is, but unfortunately not quite enough so to be actually charming.
    Oh well, everyone would agree Frazetta would go on to much greater work, and you definitely posted it in a historical context.
    I wonder what Flaming Carrot's Bob Burden would make of this, though...

    1. Mickey Mouse vs The Red Skull would make a great comic book and now Disney owns both characters!

      I'm sure Bob Burden was influenced in some way by this story.

    2. Make that Mickey Mouse versus the Red Skull in Hell (ala Captain America's Weird Tales) and I'm sold.

      Throw in Bob Burden and Art Adams (Gumby's Summer Fun Special) as the creative team and I'm doubly sold.

      And may I hesitantly request at least Pluto as a co-star...?

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