Monday, April 11, 2016

My Girl's A Ghost

From ACG Here's Issue #124
Of Forbidden Worlds From 1964
With Art By Hy Eisman, Chic
Stone, Paul Reinman And
Sid Lazarus.


  1. Thanks again. The first tale was a nice bittersweet one, but perhaps Frank will reunite with Evelyn in the Unknown one day.
    The second one was a rather silly Cold War themed tale. I kind of loved those giant penguins. That last tale was kind of creepy in a non traditional sense. An underwater forest that engulfs anything it comes in contact with. That would make a fun horror film.

  2. John Force, Magic Agent was an attempt by ACG to create some kind of super powered secret agent character. He first appeared in Unknown Worlds #35. Later they came up with more traditional super-characters like Nemesis and Magicman.

  3. Yeah, he had a short lived comic book series of his own too.

  4. The Giant Penguins should have gotten their own series too!