Saturday, April 16, 2016

Speaking Of Monsters

And Now More Classic 
Monster Magazine Fun And
 Comics Too, From Issue #89 
Of Famous Monsters Of
Filmland Published In 1972.
(And Please be Advised That All The Ads In This
Book Have Expired So Don't Order Anything!)



  1. Independent-International’s ‘Dracula vs. Frankenstein’- my favorite cheesy horror movie!

    I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t mention that Dracula’s ring was made by Joeb Ruzi, a jeweler in New York. This was quite possibly the only time in a horror movie that a piece of jewelry, namely Ruzi’s Ring, was mentioned in the opening credits. I still think the Ruzi Ring should have won an Oscar for best supporting actor in this movie.

    A bit about the designer of the ring-

    From the comments section-

    “…Joeb Ruzi …had a jewlery store for many years on 2nd avenue in the East Village.”

    And a bit more

    As I said, this is my favorite cheesy horror movie!

    1. Ruzi's Ring Rules!

      I love Dracula vs Frankenstein! Saw it on TV many times in the 1970's. I own the VHS and DVD. Al Adamson, the director, is my favorite B-movie director.

      It was also Lon Chaney's final film, sad.

  2. And That Dorian Gray makeup by Dick Smith on page 56 used to give me nightmares as a kid.