Thursday, April 28, 2016

Who's There

And Now Even More Horror Tales 
From Charlton's Ghost Manor With
Art By Steve Ditko, Dick Piscopo 
And Tom Sutton.



  1. Tom Sutton's "Through a Glass Darkly" should be considered a masterpiece, it blends his own take on Lovecraft's Old Ones mythos and added his own touch to create this great tale today. Ditko's art shines through in "Who's There?"

    Nieto's work was well done in the one pager featuring Haunted Houses with Colonel Whiteshroud as the host.

    The tower room was a nice one pager, featuring a ghost who no longer has to worry about the damp or chill, and now has a bit of 'eye candy' to pass the day away.

    The Temple was a great story too art wise and story wise.

    A footnote of sorts- I recall reading Lost Treasure Magazine back in the 1980's or so and one article mentioned how grave robbers in South America were buying satellite images and using them to locate lost Inca or Maya cities. (I can't recall if the article mentioned Maya or Inca.) It seems the crooked archaeologists were one or two steps ahead of the legitimate archaeologists who never thought of using modern technology to make their work easier. I wonder how the story The Temple would have played out had satellite imagery had been available to the public in the seventies.

    As always, Thanks for the great Charlton tales, they never fail to please.

  2. Tom Sutton was an interesting and very talented artist who always did fine work for Charlton. He definitely explored Lovecraftian themes in his scripts throughout the years.
    I'll see if I can find a few more to post.

    Interesting story about the grave robbers using tech to find old Ican temples. I had never heard of such a thing.

  3. The article from Lost Treasure magazine was (as I can best recall) a few paragraphs in their news section, which consisted of two pages or so.
    Still, gold fever still effects men and women today so I wouldn't doubt that some will use any form of modern thechnology to find gold, treasure or relics to sell on the black market.