Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Don't Let The Ghost Take Shape

Nice Ditko Art On 'Don't
Let The Ghost Take Shape' 
From Forbidden Word's #140
Plus 'Magicman' By Pete Costanza
'The Cure From Beyond' By
Kurt Schaffenberger And
'Inside The Ancient Cave'
By John Buscema.



  1. First story is pretty awesome--I like the getup of Mark Midnight-capes and sunglasses are pretty stylish and cool looking. A pity he didn't become a regular character--loved the ending in which he takes out the ghost with a flamethrower.

    Magicman is rather topical with the Communist Chinese Sorcerer as the villain--but it is also quite fun. That monkey is the best part--Magicman should have made him his sidekick--who doesn't love an adorable, clever monkey?

    As usual, this issue has two stories originally found in Adventures Into the Unknown with different coloration and titles. The third tale originally appeared in issue 91 of AITU as "Doom Foiled" while the fourth one appeared in issue 104 as "Pictures On the Wall."

  2. I always love the Ditko art. Don't think he did much for ACG but this is a nice one. Ditko was never great at drawings cats though.

    I'm thinking the last 2 stories in these later issues are always gonna be the reprints.

    Magicman and Nemesis were fun ACG superheroes.
    Herbie as well...and I guess he was a super hero too.

  3. Herbie ironically enough did eventually become a superhero--complete with a goofy costume.