Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Changing Of The Will

Its Time For More Ghostly
Tales Hosted By M.T. Graves
With Three Classic Charlton
Tales Of The Supernatural. Art By
Steve Ditko, Vince Alascia,
Charles Nicholas And Pat Boyette.


  1. Good Charlton tales. Too bad the story of the ghostly couple 'living' again never had a followup. There were many tales like this from Charlton where interesting characters appear once in their stories and then are never mentioned again. A few spin offs or sequels would have been nice. For things that might have been...

  2. The last tale with the ghostly couple helping out the friendly hippies was the best one of the bunch--although they were all pretty decent.

  3. I never really thought about the characters in these supernatural stories having follow up tales but that's quite an interesting thought.

    It makes me wonder if they ever did do that?