Friday, July 15, 2016


It's Time Again To Visit The
 Ghost Manor From Charlton
Comics. Art On This Issue By 
Pat Boyette , Steve Ditko 
Charles Nicholas, Vince Alascia
Richard Larson And Enrique Nieto. 
And Winnie The Witch Hosting
The Last Two Stories Too! 


  1. The second and third tales (the Class Reunion one, not the short one with the witches) were the best of the bunch. The second one was more or less adorable to me because I think Mario wasn't so much bewitched as he was truly in love with Alicia. I was worried that something disturbing would happen when he found out the truth, but apparently he had really strong love. Alicia certainly is a cougar though.

    The third tale with the Devil's disciple out for revenge was a lot of fun--especially with the twist at the end.

  2. Always enjoyed the work Ditko did for Charlton. Script for 'Class Reunion' by Joe Gill (as Tom Tuna.

    Alicia was a cougar...that was funny and true!

  3. A blast from the past for me, I recall reading this comic as a kid. I had forgotten about "The Night Visitor" until saw it again. Enrique Nieto's art was a style that used thatching very effectively.

    Thank you for this great Charlton post!

  4. Enrique Nieto is an artist who's work i was not familiar with in the past I like a lot now. I really enjoy his art on these cool horror tales.
    I believe he did some Charlton romance books too.