Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Warlock Tree

From Issue #142 Of ACG's 
Forbidden Tales Some Interesting
Tales Of The Fantastic With Art 
By Pete Costanza, Gerald McCann
 And Tom Hickey.



  1. Thanks, these stories are fun.
    The first one is awesome. I like how they cleverly hid the face of the Nazi General until the end when it's revealed that he's obviously a descendant of the wicked Baron who reigned long ago.
    The second story, you gotta love those everlovin' space shoes (Great story title by the way) and the propeller beanie on that spaceman.

    The third and fourth stories are reprints from "Adventures into the Unknown." The third one was originally titled "If I Had It To Do Over Again!" and the fourth was called "The Benefactor."

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    1. I guess all these later issues of Forbidden Worlds included a reprint or two.
      I did enjoy the second story and Gerald McCanns art.

    2. 'Twas the same with Adventures into the Unknown, and Unknown Worlds--all under new titles too, and sometimes without the introductions.