Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fiends From The Crypt

More Gory And Goofy Fun
From The 50's With Issue
#2 of Fantastic Fears From
Ajax Farrell With Art By
Myron Fass On Little Red 
Riding Hood And 
The Werewolf.


  1. The Red Riding Hood comic is missing a page or two.
    I've read these before--except for the first one--which is a gory masterpiece.
    The third one would have been better if they hadn't let us in on the obvious fact that he was dead after his crash and didn't actually keep showing us his face.

  2. The last Page Of Red Riding Hood is there now. I think theres a bit of an uploading problem going on. I might just have to just do one story at a time instead of the whole book.

    The first story was pretty gross for the 50' wonder they banned these books..I do think they are great and fun too.

  3. Yeah, a lot of them could actually be just as gross as some of today's horror comics--the ones that got the most disturbing were usually the ones where people ate each other.