Monday, September 19, 2016

Fright Pattern

From Issue #3 Of 
Haunt Of Horror 
Heres Fright Pattern
Illustrated By Syd Shores
And Wayne Howard


  1. I'm going to be honest. This story was ridiculous.
    I'm all for the old "continuous nightmare is trying to tell me something in real life" but what happens in reality to Mary Jane is odd as she isn't in a plane crash and Ted doesn't die in one--instead he crashes right through the building--which is unintentionally hilarious. Why did Ted do that? Did he have a death wish? Was he already dead when the plane started to crash? Was he simply a psychopath that the story neglected to tell us?

  2. I think I liked it because it was pretty silly and the art team was interesting but I am going to read it again and maybe I'll have an answer....or maybe not!

  3. This silly story reminds me a little tiny bit of the movie Carnival Of Souls but I agree it is ridiculous.

  4. Also, if I were Mary Jane, I would certainly not be relieved to be rescued by a faceless man in my dreams. That's definitely NOT a good sign.