Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's A Dull Life

And Now More Of ACG's
Adventures Into The Unknown
With Art By Chic Stone, 
Pete Constanza And 
Paul Reinman From Issue #171.


  1. Sorry for the delayed response for this one. You knew I'd be all over this one. ;)
    Anyhow, all three stories are excellent.
    I am amused that the doctor in the first story considers his life at the mental institution to be fairly dull after he had a case that resulted in him being dragged into his patient's past lives and then watching him die from one of them.
    The second tale has some fun folklore going about it with the idea that the seventh son of a seventh son has special ghost seeking powers that also prevent him from harm as well. It's like Stanley has some sort of Ghost radar within his hands.

    The third story is a reprint--but a really good one from Forbidden Worlds #86 originally titled "Calling Dr. Wimble!" (It just so happened to be the cover tale too) I love how this alien doctor's bag ends up saving Wimble and a bunch of other people's lives during his war adventure.

  2. I liked the second story the best. Dad was a little rough on Stan by slapping him around on page.....7.

    I wonder if they were planning to use that Unknown Reader character to host the books. Funny ending too!