Wednesday, September 7, 2016

We'll Go Where The Action Is

And Now More Tales Of The
 Fantastic From ACG's 
 Forbidden Worlds With Art 
By Chic Stone, Pete Costanza 
And Al Wenzel From Issue #135.



  1. Thanks again for sharing. The first tale with Magicman is fun. I like his goofy womanizing yet loyal sidekick.
    The second tale is a reprint of AITU #110
    originally titled "The Plant That Remembered" It's a rather tame little story that I'm certain if it was written at a different time would have ended with the plant murdering Roger Dennis.
    The third tale with the ghostly criminal is rather standard too.

  2. Magicman and Nemesis were interesting superheroes. ACG tried their hand at superheroics with Herbie too in the mid-60's with mixed results but at least the books were fun unlike most of today's comics!

  3. There have been some good ones here and there--but unfortunately some of them get cancelled too soon.