Monday, September 12, 2016

Planet Of Evil

Here's Issue #168 Of ACG's
Adventures Into The Unknown
With Art By Chic Stone,
Paul Reinman, Steve Ditko
And Sal Trapani.


  1. Thanks a bunch.
    The Nemesis story is pretty good--a planet where the good are sent to hell to die is pretty innovative if you ask me.
    The second tale is a reprint--this time from the short lived Midnight Mystery-issue 3 by the name of "Mystery Elephant." There's something amusingly ridiculous about a killer flying elephant--like an evil Dumbo if you ask me. I've peaked at this tale before but never fully read it, so you could easily forgive me if I thought in the past that the "elephant" turned out to be a robot. There was a similar story in an issue of "Forbidden Worlds" of a small killer bird that happened to be a robot spying from somewhere else.

    The third tale is a lot of fun--love the idea of a ghost where all you can see is his cane. Got to love when the Sheriff practically asks to be knocked on the head with it.

    1. Well thank you!
      I always though Nemesis was a cool superhero and this was an interesting story. Fun Chic Stone art.
      Nice to see Ditko artwork on an ACG book. I believe this was done post Spiderman (1966) He also did some great work for other publishers Like Charlton, Tower and Warren at this time.