Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Make My Dreams Come True

With Art By Steve Ditko, 
Tom Sutton, Sanho Kim,
And Don Newton And Scripts
By Joe Gill, Joe Molloy And 
Nick Cuti  Here's Ghostly Tales 
#111 Published By 
Charlton Comics In 1974.


  1. The second tale is the best of the lot--my dad's a Civil War buff and I've been taken to Gettysburg many a time.

  2. I agree the second story was the best but it was a good issue all around. Charlton's horror books were very underrated which is why I like them and post them.

  3. The Thing in the Hole could have passed for a minor Lovecraft tale-the sinister, unexplored place, the unspeakable horror waiting for them, the hopeless ending, wonder if the story was swiped from Lovecraft, or from the movie "Attack of the Mushroom People"

    It was nice to see Sanho Kim's work in The Eternal Struggle. He did an excellent job on the tale.

    Ditko as always turns in a winner with the first story. For some reason, I especially like the image of the boat and sea on the top of page four. The seagulls were a bit off with their beaks blending in with their heads, but I am not complaining, the odd looking seagulls added to the eeriness to the tale.

    A great comic and a great find. Thank you so much for posting this Charlton gem!

  4. Attack Of The Mushroom People was an amazing movie, one of my favorite Japanese Sci-Fi/Horror films!