Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers : John Rosenberger

John Rosenberger is another “invisible man” of comic books, a guy I found out about by randomly d/l Love comics. I must say that I was very attracted to his style simply by viewing the cover to ACG’s CONFESSIONS OF THE LOVELORN #107. To begin with it’s a painted cover, something kind of unexpected for the period. But the art style looks very modern to my eyes. If you’d have shown me this sans the logo and price, I would have guessed it as 70’s product.

The line art on the story is distinctive and refreshing. It’s vaguely ‘cartoony’ in the same way as John Davis and Mort Drucker is. And how can you not love the campy story title “The Romance Of A Sissy”!?!

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