Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Oculture Corner : Dr Horror

If I say the phrases ‘the Golden Age’ and ‘Horror Comics’ together, your thoughts most likely flash to the early 1950’s and perhaps the publisher EC. And while it’s true that this period was the pinnacle of horror comics, the genre really has existed since the earliest days. A surprising (well to me anyway) number of supernatural based serial strips were part of the GA comic book offerings long before those short story based ones came upon the scene. I intend for “The Oculture Corner” to be a complementary series to my “Monsters vs Heroes” postings.

I’ll begin with a particularly disturbing strip from Lev Gleason’s CAPTAIN BATTLE COMICS. Let me introduce you to Dr. Horror.


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  1. Very cool story. Don Rico was an important part of Timely Comics, working on a variety of genres. From 1950-1955 he was one of the principle editors for Atlas, working alongside Stan Lee. A very under rated and important figure in comics history.