Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Creature Feature Classics: Scream Bloody Murder

Back In The Old 70's These Cool
Cheaply Made Movies Used To
Come To The Local Drive-Ins And Then
After A Few Years, Late Night TV.
Scream Bloody Murder Is a Great
Example Of What Can be Done With
A Very Low Budget And Some Imagination.
Now Don't Get Me Wrong This Isn't A Great Movie
But It Does Have Some Unexpected 
Shocks And Has Some Creepy Scenes.

The Story Deals With A Young Boy (Matthew) 
Who Is Mentally Unstable And Runs Over His
Father With a Tractor. After Leaping
From The Tractor The Boy Loses His Hand
In An Accident. Cut To A Few Years later We 
See Matthew Leaving A Mental Facility 
With A Hook Hand And Heading Home To His Mother. After Arriving Home Unexpectedly We 
Find His Mother Has Just Married Much To The
Displeasure Of The Teenaged Young Man.
Needless to Say He Kills The Stepdad
And Mom Dies From a Fall. Yeah I Know,
This Sounds Silly But This Is When The Movie
Gets Even Stranger. Matthew Leaves Town
And Gets A Ride With A Newlywed Couple.
When The Newlyweds Stop At A Lake
Matthew Begins To See Ghostly Visions 
Of His  Dead Mother And Stepfather 
And Kills The Couple.

He Then Arrives In a Small Town And Is
Befriended By A Young Free Spirited Woman 
Who He Tries To Impress But Of Course
This Being A 70's Low Budget Horror
Movies Things Aren't Going To Turn Out Well.

There Are A Lot Of Murders But
Its Not A Gore Movie So To Speak
Much More Of A Disturbing Melodrama
Which Becomes Kind Of A
Psycho Sexual Grindhouse Classic.

Fred Holbert Plays Matthew And This Is The 
Only Film Credit I Can Find For Him.
Actually Most Of The Actors In This Movie
Only Have 1 or 2 Film Credits.
Leigh Mitchell Who Plays Vera, Matthew's
 Love Interest Was Also In The Incredible
Melting Man And Turn In A Nice Performance.
Angus Scrimm, The Man From Phantasm,
Has A Brief Role As A Doctor. 

A Lot Of Time These Old Cheaply Made Movies 
Are More Effective Than The Big Budgeted 
Films Because They Use Unknown
Actors And Take A Lot More Chances 
 And Such Is The Case With 
Scream Bloody Murder. 

Check It Out On YouTube.

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