Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers : John Buscema

John was a god of the Silver age, but came up during the late 40’s and 1950’s working primarily for Timely, it’s successor Atlas and for Dell comics. His story differs from many I’ve recounted here, in that he left the industry for the world of commercial art. Working for the Chaite Agency he learned many new techniques in a variety of assignments including layouts, storyboards, illustrations and paperback book covers, He credits his 8 years in this field with transforming his art style. He returned to the comics field in 1966 getting jobs from his old editor Stan Lee at Marvel. He drew nearly every one of Marvel’s key characters at one time or another. He is often associated with Conan whom he drew in over 100 different stories.

“The Brute I love” is decidedly in his old style, one which may be barely recognizable to his S/A fans. This appeared in LOVE DIARY #34 (April 1953) as published by Orbit.


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