Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Every Dog Has Its Day

Here's 4 Interesting Twilight Zone
Stories From Issue #82 With Art
By Jack Sparling, Al McWilliams,
Jose Delbo And Juan Ortiz.



  1. Twilight Zone comics never fail to please.

    'The Fate Changer' is a story which could actually happen in real life, someone stops you on the street to ask you for the time or a light and a few moments later some happy coincidence occurs, you meet an acquaintance or find a ten dollar bill on the ground.

    'Back Where You Came From' was the twist ending tale that wouldn't have been out of place in House of Secrets or a Charlton horror.

    Great finds, thank you!

    1. I actually bought this issue back in the 70's and have always enjoyed the old Twilight zone comics too.