Saturday, October 22, 2016


From Charlton's Ghost Manor
Here Are Three More Classic 
Tales Of Horror With Art By
Steve Ditko, Tom Sutton And
Pat Boyette.


  1. More from Charlton, all of them great stories!

    In the story 'Bones' it portrayed Mr. Bones interacting in the tale, something that was done once before where he served as a realtor in a story titled 'The Empty Room" Ghost manor #18.

    Mr. White ignored the instructions and drank more than two drops a day of the potion and ended up in the same condition as portrayed in Ditko's first story "Stretching Things" - that's what you get for not reading the label!

    'The Only way to Go' was a bit somber on page seven, as the spirit looks down at the cars going by on the bridge realizing that the drivers didn't stop to think of how many lost their lives building the bridge. "No reason why they should, I guess", a bit of melancholy dialog I hadn't expected in a comic story. I suspect Ditko had a hand in writing the story as well as illustrating it.

    As always, thanks for rescuing these stories from oblivion and posting them hear for all Charlton fans to enjoy.

    1. The Writing on 'The Only Way To Go' is credited to Joe Gill but Ditko might have had a hand in writing it as well.

      It's interesting that most of this issue was a reprint of Ghost Manor #25 which only came out 4 years earlier so I guess Charlton was already reprinting most of the stories in all their books by 1979.

  2. That last brief tale "The Potion" left me giggling. Perhaps I'm half amused due to the punchline and half amused because "Jamie" happens to be my first name.
    Interesting to see the horror host playing a rather large part in the first story. Sometimes they make little cameos or appear throughout the tale to narrate, but this seems rather unusual.
    The second tale was a lot of fun--of course the biker wearing the swastika would be named Adolph!
    The third tale was somber and touching. At least Mick got to save a lot of lives before his spirit finally found its rest.

  3. I enjoyed the first tale "Bones' the best. Tom Sutton definitely had a macabre sense of humor that served him well while working for Charlton and all the other major comic book companies. He has become one of my favorites.