Thursday, December 29, 2016

Builder Of Destruction

From ACG's Unknown Worlds 
Three More Classic Tales
Of The Fantastic With
Art By Ogden Whitney
And Paul Reinman
 From Issue #24.

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  1. Sorry for the long pass on this one--been busy. A good issue with good tales--strangely all three lingering on death--although the second tale was actually a false call.
    The first tale is rather interesting--a curse where the bearer must destroy what he made and die in the process--of course again it seems a bit sad since the descendants of the first bearer really didn't deserve it. Wonder if the curse was lifted after Hand failed to destroy what he built?

    The second tale comes from issue #75 of AITU under the original title of "Celeste, the Bewitching!" I love this story about a friendly alien who comes to Earth to learn more about it to teach it to the inhabitants of her own planet. It's a nice change from creepy aliens who mean harm or friendly yet not very human looking aliens. The only question remains as to why she needed those chemicals from the lab? Probably in order to help out Enid with her own problems.

    The third story is rather creepy--poor Carol. Thank goodness Uncle Bob is one heck of a badass, both alive and dead.