Friday, December 30, 2016

The Rats In The Wall

A Classic Tale By
H.P. Lovecraft The Rats 
In The Wall With Art 
By Bob Jenny From 
Issue #21 Of Creepy.



  1. They were mostly faithful to the original story, though some things had to be changed to avoid controversy. In the original version what was found in the underground vaults might be deemed just a little too far fetched for readers of today, at least it seemed a bit too far fetched to me. Also, certain words used in the original would be deemed racist today, hence the deletion from the story.

    All in all it was a well done version of one of H P Lovecrafts stories. Thanks for the post.

  2. Well now I will have to read the original story to see what was missing. The tale was well done but I felt something was missing in the adaptation. This adaptation was from 1969.

  3. I stumbled across another illustrated version of the story, It is faithful to the original and they cleaned up the word/name that would be objectionable to today's readers.