Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Forbidden Crypt

It's Another Winnie The 
Witch Wednesday Tale
From The Ghost Manor
"The Forbidden Crypt"
From Issue #16. Art
By The Great Steve Ditko.


  1. What a great Winnie Wednesday tale.

    I liked the last panel where the boys search for the ghost but don't find it, but that doesn't mean it isn't down there. That is how it goes with ghost hunters sometimes, they don't find their elusive prey no matter how hard they search.

    Every artist who worked for Charlton had their own idea as to what Winnie should look like, in this tale Ditko drew Winnie rather buxom, I wonder if Winnie's appearance was effected by the various artists idea of good girl art, or they simply drew what they liked.

    Thanks for the Winnie post!

  2. Ditko changed Winnie's look too. In some earlier tales she had short hair. I kind of like the way all the different artists' envisioned Winnie. It's kinda cool that way.