Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Baku The Dream Eater

From 1977 Here's Another
Charlton Comics Classic 
Ghostly Haunts #55. Art
By Tom Sutton And
Warren Sattler


  1. All the tales in this one are good--the first one is trippy as anything and a fun ride through the realm of dreams. The second one is rather sad though especially because our protagonist was only driven to steal for his love for Dolly, not to mention the ending where we finally discover Dolly's secret.

    The third one is my favorite of the batch. Nothing really supernatural here, just a crazy elderly woman stabbing young ladies because she thinks her dead son wants some company. I like the main female character and the handsome Sargent who comes to her rescue.

    1. Tom Sutton's tales for Charlton were always great. This one is no exception.
      The second and third stories were very good as well. Both would have made excellent full length comic book stories.
      The art on 'Dolly' has a romance comics feel to it. I can't find the artist's name but I'm sure he worked on Charlton romance books.