Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lost World

From 1948 Some Classic 
Sci-fi From Planet Comics #55
With Art By Joe Doolin,  
George Evan, Enrico Bagnoli 
And Frank Doyle. 
Happy New Year!



  1. Futura was drawn in the style of Prince Valiant with the same scratchy style and the characters words written in the narration rather than word balloons. A quick look at Wikipedia didn't list John Douglas as an artist who worked on Prince Valiant, though I suppose artists back then 'borrorwed' drawing styles from each other.

    Happy New Year AIV and to all fans of this great blog!

  2. Beautiful art on all these stories. Futura does have that classic golden age style Prince Valiant Style. Hal Foster would have been proud.

    I never got a chance to see these great golden age books back when I was a kid because they didn't reprint them too often but some of these books are really wonderful.

    And Happy New year to you JMR777 and everyone!!!!