Friday, January 31, 2014

The Black Knight

Ernest Schroeder Was A 
Very Good Artist Whose Artwork
I Was Not Familiar With Till 
Recently. Schroeder Worked For Hillman Comics Illustrating Airboy
 And The Heap Before Working On Toby's The Black Knight.
 Here's A Nice Example 
Of His Work.

Swamp Monsters

Another Before And After
Job From Eerie Publications.
The Original "The Life Of Riley"
Is From Beware 8 And Drawn By
Mr. Eerie Pubs Himself Myron Fass. 
The Reworked Story "Swamp Monsters" Is From Tales Of Voodoo 4 And Drawn In All It's Gory Glory By The Great Dick Ayers.

The New Story By Dick Ayers

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Witch Of Doom

It's Cheesy Horror Comics
Time Again With Another
Eerie Publications Classic.
"The Witch Of Doom" Is From
Tales Of Voodoo 14 With Art
By Torre Repiso. This Story
Was Originally Published In
Web Of Mystery As "The Dead
Dance On Halloween" In 1951.

And The Original Story

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monsters vs Heroes: the Blue Beetle

The character known as the Blue Beetle is one of the most resilient properties in all of comics. Readers have been able to follow his adventures, via multiple personas, in every decade since the 1930’s. In the golden age version he was police officer Dan Garrett, who was frustrated by the legal niceties that hampered his efforts in his official profession. So at night he donned a bulletproof, chain mail suit and dosed himself with a custom pharmaceutical called ‘2-X vitamin’ and fought crime as a vigilante.

He was probably the most popular of the mystery men offered by Fox Publishing and found his way into other media like newspapers and radio. Today’s posting is a relatively late one for this version of BB, being published in PHANTOM LADY #13 in August of 1947. In this tale BB matches up ‘The Mummy Who Never Died”


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Before The Storm

Published In Classics Illustrated's
"The World Around Us" 26
Here Are A Couple Of Beautifully
Drawn Civil War Stories 
By Gray Morrow
And Angelo Torres With
A Fantastic Painted Cover
By Norman Nodel.