Friday, February 28, 2014

Shame On The Shrinker

One of My Favorite 
Cartoons Of The 60's Was 
The Mighty Heroes. Created 
By Ralph Bakshi For 
Terrytoons The Mighty Heroes 
Debuted On CBS And Ran
 For 21 Episodes. So From 
Dell Comics In 1967 Heres 
Strongman, Tornadoman, 
Ropeman, Diaperman
 And Cuckooman!

And Here's An Episode 

Rondo Hatton

From Monster Fantasy 2 Published
By Mayfair in 1975 Here's A Nice
Article On Hollywood's " Monster
Without Make-up" Rondo Hatton. 
Born In 1894 And Stricken With 
The Disfiguring Disease Of
 Acromegaly Rondo Made Quite
 An Impression On The Monsterkids 
Of The 60's With His Appearances 
In Universal Classics Like House Of Horrors, Jungle Captive, Pearl Of Death, The Brute Man And
 The Spider Woman Strikes Back.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

War Gods Of The Deep

A Very Nice Adaptation Of
American International Pictures
"War Gods Of The Deep" From
Dell Comics With Art By John Tartaglione And Inks 
By Dick Giordano.
Dell Adapted A Few Of These 60's
AIP Poe Movies Even Though
This One Is Really Just Loosely
Based On His Poem
 "City In The Sea".

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers : Reed Crandall

Reed Crandall was a true superstar of the Golden Age. His figures on heroic strips like the Ray and Firebrand look like Greek statues come to life. As the times changed Reed was quite capable of delivering top-notch work in any genre his editors required. He was a particularly loyal man, maintaining a near exclusive association with Quality Comics, until the company folded.

Romance however was a milieu that he rarely worked in. That’s a pity because those jobs are the equal to any in his resume. Here are a pair of stories that he did for the company in 1950. From HOLLYWOOD SECRETS #2 you have “My Heart’s In The Saddle”,

Next is “Night Of Surrender” as published in LOVE CONFESSIONS issue 4.