Thursday, December 7, 2017

In The Coils of The Python Queen

More Freaky Fifties Horror
from Beyond #23 Published 
By Ace In 1954. Art By 
Jim McLaughlin, Sy Grudko 
And Lou Cameron


  1. They sure turned out some horrors back then, but horrors in a good way. Great stories and great art. Even the text story was well written. Too bad they never collected all the text stories and published them in one volume, it would have sold quite well.

  2. I had never heard of Ace comics till I started this blog and these are some good comics. I think an independent comic book company back in the 80's collected some of the text stories in the 50's horror books...

  3. Until a few years ago Sy Grudko was an artist I'd not heard of. It brings to mind how many comic creators from that period we've yet to identify. For everyone historians have identified there are at least two that remain anonymous.

  4. It wasn't until Marvel and a few other companies started crediting the creators
    that we had any idea who wrote and drew the books unless their work was signed.
    The comic strips had credits....but even then there were ghost artists and writers...

    The Batman comic books were also ghosted even though Bob Kane had his signature on them for years.